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An intelligent woman makes for a stimulating life companion, not one whose claim to knowledge is the next plot in reality drama series.ALSO READ: What you should know before dating a girl who has been emotionally abused Irresponsibility Equality is not about fighting for the right to pee while standing, it is about knowing your place as a woman without your rights being infringed.

But have you ever wondered why he’s never thought of taking you to meet his mum?It does not matter how you were brought up or if you are a career woman, every man wants to come home to a warm, nicely prepared meal by his wife, not the mboch.If you delegate all duties to the house help, including making your bed because your manicure is too expensive to spoil, don’t complain if your man chooses the ‘auntie’ over you for a wife Quit bugging the pastor with the same prayer request for a husband.Really, how do you expect a man to take you seriously?Drop the pettiness of instant gratification and consider investment.

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