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One great feature of 3DXChat is the ability to create multiple profiles, each of which can have a completely different avatar and friends list.Moving around in game is accomplished by pointing and clicking with the mouse.Unlike some adult MMOs there is no option to create your own web based social profile.Instead, 3DXChat provides a simple profile text box for a brief personal intro.True to their descriptions each public area is about what you’d expect.The beach and nightclub are generally clothing on affairs while people get naked and get it on in the sin club, on Love Island and on the yacht.Upon launch we were delighted to see striking graphics and animation that are clearly higher quality than most MMOs and certainly better than all adult MMOs currently available. FM) and sound effects are crystal clear and at a consistent volume level making them pleasant to hear.3DXChat game design is elegant, intuitive and easy to use.

have sex) or interact in other ways such as dancing, kissing or cuddling.

You may also give users virtual gifts which at the moment consist of useless albeit cute virtual items.

All gifts currently cost 300 “XGold” which is the 3DXChat virtual currency.

On screen icons are supplied to switch between walking & running, selecting different dance styles, choosing between 3 different standing poses or waving “hello.” Want to go for a swim, just walk into the deep end and your avatar automatically knows what to do.

To get around to different locations just click on the “map” button and choose your destination.

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