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There are both positive and negative side effects that have been related to the use of HGH.

The positive effects include improved muscle tone, decreased body fat, more energy, increased libido, sharper thinking, improved physical appearance and an improved outlook on life.

The long term effects may include cancer, cardiovascular disease, changes in behavior and may even trigger the onset of diabetes.

Controlling hormones in the later part of life is important which means you need to test them and treat any deficiencies to protect against fatigue, mood swings, disease, and obesity.

Next, to determine the area of focus to be addressed, a detailed history of the patient’s current health is conducted.

The next step is an extensive onsite visit that includes an evaluation of current fitness output with exercise physiology testing.

The glands that produce our hormones continue to decline with age and produce fewer hormones with each passing year.

Before moving forward with Cenegenics you must decide if the side effects are worth the risks and determine if you can afford the yearly expenses for this therapy.

She made no efforts to see him again, repeatedly blowing him off because she was “busy” with a number of excuses. He was obviously quite upset with these developments.

The negative effects include both short term and long term effects.

The initial, less severe effects of HGH makes your body swell; you may also experience increased blood pressure and headaches.

Onsite testing also includes a bone density and body fat analysis.

Depending on each individual’s unique goals and current physical condition, a customized fitness plan is also created.

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