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You: cum You: stop finger and get a hair brush and put the handle in Stranger: ok, sorry for the no reply then, keep telling me baby, don't stop ;)You: dont supose i could get a pic when this is all done ;)You: push the handle as deep as you can, once you get there go hard and fast You: take your free hand and rub your tits, pinch and tease your nipples You: add a finger to the brush handle and go faster You: reply when you cum You: stop with the brush and add 3 fingers You: do the come hither motion until you cum Stranger: ohhhhh wow!

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i...i....*stop once i realize where your head is*...s*s......

Stranger: baby, you don't need to be nervous, i feel exactly the same way.

I just move with what ever you do to me*You: * make one deep thrust and stop i lift both your legs over your hear and start to thrusts much hard than before* (good :), getting off some too, dont need to awsome just wondering)You: * make sure each thrust is as deep as possible*Stranger: *i groan and scream out load at each thrust* please, harder baby, PLEASE, PLLLEEEEEAAAAAAAASEE!! You: * i lift my self up with my arms on your legs and start to pound you hard all of my weight behind each thrust* im....gonna..gonna... You: * keep going, still cumming finally i slow to a stop, i stop deep in you, you can still fell my cock pulsing* i love you s*s *i gasp*Stranger: *we just lay there, with you inside me.* wanna do it against the wall baby????? You: sure * i start to pull out slowly*Stranger: ;) *i try to stand up, but i am shaking cos you were just that good*You: *i manage to stand, i lean down and pick you up so that you are straddling me*Stranger: i wrap my legs around you, either side*Stranger: *clinging on for dear life*You: *walk us to a wall and slide you down on top of my cock again, then i lean you agains he wall and start a slow thrusting motion*You: *you can sence im still a bit worn out but i pick up the pace*You: (masterbating?

You: * thrust harder and harder* can i cum or do you want more * i ask moaning*Stranger: *you can cum baby!!!!!!!!! )Stranger: *it hurts more that last time, because instead of being thrusted into a soft matress, i am being thrusted to a hard wall*Stranger: (and no, you want me to pleasure myself thinking of you ;) )You: (sure:) )You: you ok s*s *i says as i pick up the pace some more*Stranger: (how baby - tell me exactly what to do)Stranger: *i nod my head, because i have trouble speaking for moaning*You: (slip a finger in your pussy and start to finger yourself slowly)Stranger: mhmmm (okay, done that baby)You: *i kiss you and start to thrust hard, i appear to have gotten my second wind*Stranger: ( can you just tell me everything, what we're doing in the roleplay, and what i should do to myself, i might not reply, cos i am working away and have no free hands ;)You: (ok add a second and do the come hither motion, fast)Stranger: mmmmmmhmmmmm, sorry, do you mind if i don't reply, it's easier for me ;) i will cum for you though baby ;)You: please do You: *i thrust harder and harder going deeper every time*Stranger: you want me to reply, or you want me to cum for you??

Stranger: mhmmmm, *i say, laying with my hands at either side of me head, closing my eyes, ready for the magic* fast and rough, that's how i like it Stranger: thrust that bad boy in there, fast and hard, Stranger: hear me scream with pain and pleasure You: *slowly slide my self in you feel tight, but i make sure you take it all the way to the base, start slowly but i make sure that each thrust back in is hard and deep* ( still enjoying)Stranger: (definately) *i decide that i am just going to go with it, i throw my head back into the mattress everytime you thrust back into me. i am screaming now *as you thrust down onto me, i thrust back up, forcing your cock to go very deep in*You: *with one last deep thrusts i lose control and cum hard i keep trushting wanting to make sure you get every drop of my cum*You: * i moan loud* ohhh god s*s you feel great....i have never cum so hard in my life Stranger: *I just scream, feeling your warm fluid rushing into me* I have never felt so good baby!!!!!They’re open-minded, friendly and love meeting new people.Depending on the time of day, there are generally over 100 performers to select from in various categories, which, combined with the search engine, will help you find the Tgirl of your dreams without delay.We are not exclusively sex chat rooms but, rather, discussions can encompass just about any topic you want to talk about. Although this site does not encourage explicit content exclusively, in order to keep the demographics of the chat rooms in line, we ask that underage people stay out of the room.You WILL be removed if you are caught to be underage.

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