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Observing that its fleet of P-3C aircraft had been in service for some time, the JMSDF began searching for a replacement maritime patrol aircraft.

Since other similar aircraft produced abroad did not meet the JMSDF's requirements, the development of a purpose-built indigenous aircraft became necessary.

The lens can change shape because the cells of the lens contain an elastic crystalline protein.

The young human eye can change focus from distance to seven centimeters from the eye in 350 milliseconds.

The Japanese Defense Agency (JDA) submitted the domestic development of a P-X maritime patrol aircraft as part of its April 2001–March 2006 Five-Year Defense Plan.

In 2001, following its earlier proposal, the Kawasaki Aerospace Company received prime contractor status for the P-X program, as well as the adjacent C-X program for a next generation cargo aircraft; this selection process occurred almost 30 years since the previous large-scale domestic development of an aircraft in Japan.

In geology, a fault is a planar fracture or discontinuity in a volume of rock, across which there has been significant displacement as a result of rock-mass movement.

Large faults within the Earth's crust result from the action of plate tectonic forces, with the largest forming the boundaries between the plates, such as subduction zones or transform faults.

He's hopeful the pinky and the index will heal but there are no promises. She was moonlighting at the local hospital as admin but now typing fast will obviously be an issue so who knows if she will even have a job. Does anyone know of any routes we can take right now? We have some savings but bills will pile up quick and I don't want to go into this blind. Edit: We are in PA if that helps Edit 2: Well, it seems that she is not covered under our homeowner's as she is listed as a primary owner and not a 3rd party.She looked at the cat for one split second, but that was all it took.Her hand followed her eye movement and she cut all five digits off.As for the employer's taking out a group disability insurance, they did not and they said she would not be covered anyway because she is part time.Also, I want to note that she retired from teaching at the end of last year, not this year, so she is no longer considered an employee of the school.

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A fault trace or fault line is a place where the fault can be seen or mapped on the surface.

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