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The provider can request reasonable documentation to confirm the request for medical records is for a needs-based purpose. If a patient is a minor on the date of the last visit, then the physician must maintain the pediatric patient’s records for a minimum period of either seven years from the date of the last patient encounter or until the patient reaches the age of eighteen, whichever is the longer retention period.

If the patient continues to request the entire record, the physician may make it available to either the patient’s attorney, with the patient’s consent, or to another psychotherapist, as designated by the patient. (The cost may be adjusted according to the Consumer Price Index.) It should also be noted that a HIPAA covered entity, including a physician, that uses an electronic record is now required to provide an electronic copy of the record if the patient requests that it be provided electronically. Providers may not withhold medical records from a patient with unpaid medical services.Boston Sp Ed PAC provides voice and support for parents of children with special needs. Boston Sp Ed PAC provides voice and support for parents of children with special needs. This Massachusetts PTA Health Summit is open to PTA members, non PTA members, health and education stakeholders of all levels, in Massachusetts, including parents, educators, health and wellness experts, community[...] Watertown, MA, September 27, 2019.The New England Consortium on Deafblindness serves children and their families in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Vermont.Patients are entitled to a copy of their complete records, including records transferred from previous physicians.Under HIPAA a physician has 30 days to provide the patient or the patient’s representative with a copy of the requested medical records; however, if the medical records are not maintained or are not accessible on-site, then a physician has 60 days to provide the records.

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