Angle eyes cam

This is the most common view, being the real-world angle that we are all used to. This shows the subject from below, giving them the impression of being more powerful or dominant. This is a completely different and somewhat unnatural point of view which can be used for dramatic effect or for showing a different spatial perspective.It shows subjects as we would expect to see them in real life. In drama it can be used to show the positions and motions of different characters and objects, enabling the viewer to see things the characters can't.Dutch tilts are also popular in MTV-style video production, where unusual angles and lots of camera movement play a big part.The Aim Cam line of sight camera has been engineered to allow you to capture footage as your eye sees it.

Used judiciously, it can provide an unusual or dramatic perspective.

The bird's-eye view is also very useful in sports, documentaries, etc.

Also known as a dutch tilt, this is where the camera is purposely tilted to one side so the horizon is on an angle. Famous examples include Carol Reed's The Third Man, Orson Welles' Citizen Kane and the Batman series.

The lenses also have side guards for extra protection from stray particles and BB pellets when playing airsoft.

All three lenses are also UV400 offering 100% UV protection.

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When overdone in film, it can irritate the viewers.

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