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It will also help prepare you for the disappointment that comes with working in this industry.

Not every animal can be saved and animals will be lost along the way.

These numbers do not account for the various other animals rescued annually.

Awareness regarding abuse, neglect, and euthanasia continues to rise, solidifying this industry’s expected growth over the next decade.

Once you have defined the parameters of your organization, you can begin to develop a business plan around that, reaching out to those that are most equipped to assist you in your endeavor.

Your direct target market is any individual and/or family that is looking to adopt the types of animals you rescue.

They rely on foster volunteers to house each rescued animal and host fundraising events at local businesses.

Rescues provide all medical care, medicine, and food.

Animal rescue is a community effort; it is your job as the rescue leader to ensure you and your staff work to attract individuals and businesses that support your cause.Aspiring rescue owners are urged to volunteer at local shelters prior to taking on this responsibility.This will provide invaluable information regarding how a successful rescue operates.While the animal rescue industry is an honorable career, it is important to remember that this is a business.Therefore, knowledge in business administration and bookkeeping is also recommended.

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Building a successful animal rescue requires patience, people and animal skills, and a genuine passion for animal advocacy.

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