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“He joined the AB because he was fascinated by their warrior philosophy and their sense of brotherhood,” says Brook. In addition, the AB provided protection from other prison gangs.” While in San Quentin, Mills helped the AB plan a bank robbery in Fresno.

Although he didn’t participate in the robbery, when the bank robbers were caught, one of them made a deal and told of Mills’ role in the planning. They transported him to USP Atlanta, where he met Tyler ‘Hulk’ Bingham, another member of the AB.

Another prisoner, Danny Holliday, told prosecutors that Barry “The Baron” Mills carried out the murder.

The message sent was clear – Fuck the AB over at your own peril.

The 21st century man or lady is not a single to commit on day one particular.

The contemporary date needs time and expects to have a decision.

Associates from other gangs like the Dirty White Boys, Nazi Low Riders and PEN1 lined up to do the AB’s dirty work, flooding every prison they were housed at with heroin and shipping the proceeds back to California to be disbursed between other jailed members and leaders of the gang.

John Marzloff was almost decapitated in a recreation yard bathroom at USP Atlanta, a high-security federal prison in Georgia on May 20, 1979.

The convict’s head was partially severed from his neck, and 16 stab wounds dotted his head, back, shoulder, and upper arm area.

“When the Teflon Don was in prison he made a deal with Mills,” says Brooks.

“Gotti would hook Mills up with a hotshot attorney to appeal his murder case if Mills would provide protection for Gotti in prison.

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