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Death of liberalism is near, and its harbinger is not a conservative onslaught, nor a new Contract With America.Its demise is being signaled by activities in a small town in Oregon, noteworthy only for a rambunctious annual Shakespearean Festival.The man said he had walked from Lava Lands Visitor Center to Benham Falls and back while naked.

With nowhere to go, except past 14, 15, and beyond on the volume knob, liberalism is quickly replacing its once viable compassionate reason with more volume and diametrically opposing ideas; ideological difficulties which are not easy to overcome with lurking massive deficits and growing taxpayer unrest.

When the class list came out I realized her name was actually Jenny. I had to ask him his name three times until I finally got that it was Em-er-y.

2) People in Ashland are friendly, even the teenagers (who strike outsiders as decidedly lacking in dysfunction and existential angst).

Not because there are too many cute women walking the streets of Ashland sans fashion, but because such open policies invite the extremists.

And even in Liberal-ville, full male nudity is enough to change the mind of many self-expression proponents; especially those raising children.

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