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It takes a lot of hard work to find and attract a suitable partner.

The dating world can often feel like an endless quest.

Finding a good vanilla woman is difficult, but it's nothing compared to trying to find a Domme.

But here's the thing: The world of dating dominant women is a seller's market. If you want to be an eligible submissive, you had better do your homework.

If you decide you would like to send a personal message to a Domme on Fetlife, don’t do it right away.

There are some groups on Fet Life that are made for people to post personal ads, but with the oodles of ads posted daily, you most likely are not going to get any results.Being involved in the community also has the benefit of allowing you to vet a potential Domme.If she is involved in your local BDSM community, others will be able to give you a good idea if she is experienced and if she is a safe player.Before sending a potential Domme anything, read her profile.Find out what she is looking for and don’t bug her if her profile says she is not looking.

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