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These attributes contain validation code, thereby reducing the amount of code you must write.

Validation attributes are a way to configure model validation so it’s similar conceptually to validation on fields in database tables.

Downloading large sets of data for validating one or a few fields consumes too many resources. An alternative is to make a round-trip request to validate a field.

You can implement remote validation in a two step process.

For these scenarios, custom validation attributes are a great solution.

Creating your own custom validation attributes in MVC is easy.

MVC uses validation attributes in addition to type metadata from model properties to validate data and display any error messages using Java Script.

When you use MVC to render form elements from a model using Tag Helpers or HTML helpers it will add HTML 5 data- attributes in the form elements that need validation, as shown below.

In business terms, even a few fractions of seconds multiplied hundreds of times each day adds up to be a lot of time, expense, and frustration.

Validation is necessary although it can be redundant and tedious to implement.

In MVC, validation happens on both the client and server. NET has abstracted validation into validation attributes.

The first step is to control what data- attributes are added by implementing the Remote validation is a great feature to use when you need to validate data on the client against data on the server.

For example, your app may need to verify whether an email or user name is already in use, and it must query a large amount of data to do so.

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Just inherit from the attribute checks the genre first, and if it is a classic, then it checks the release date to see that it is later than 1960. The attribute accepts an integer parameter representing the year that you can use to validate data.

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