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They earn close to 91% of the average man’s salary.

Indeed, women are highly appreciated in Belgium as over 50% of them are gainfully employed.

An average Belgian woman is presentable and highlights traditional values above all else.

If you love food, be ready to have your palates tantalized by some of the best dishes in the world.

Some couples may not even get a divorce if they share a business enterprise; instead, they remain legally married to protect their business while leading separate lives with new partners.

Belgian women will never arrive late at a rendezvous, and this is a characteristic that you can take to the bank any time, any day. Since they already have strong family ties, Belgian women will have no trouble with spending a lot of time with your extended family.

When you go out on a date with your Belgian woman, always wear a polite and calm demeanor.

If you get into an unpleasant situation that warrants you to blow your top, please refrain.

Don’t get abusive or lose your temper, no matter how provoked you are. Belgians love punctuality and will readily associate delay on your part as a sign that you are not a pleasant character.

So, you should appear at her residence or meeting point at least fifteen minutes earlier if you are supposed to pick her up. A bunch of nice-smelling flowers will send a lot of goodwill your way.

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