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If that's not enough, you can get more dating tips from Happen,'s online magazine, which hosts a wide variety of dating advice.Why they rock: They curate stories from their own community.The blog was run by co-founder and author Christian Rudder, and discusses dating through analyzing data from its millions of users.Posts on OKTrends buck a lot of content marketing rules; few and far in between, often lengthy and lack a call-to-action.We feel confident we can help you and your subscribers achieve – and exceed – your direct response marketing goals.

We’d love to hear more about the goals and visions of your online dating company.

It offers practical, evidence-based advice for those navigating online dating.

The site also features a regular advice column from "Joan Actually," an in-house dating expert, answering dating questions directly from users.

)." e Harmony's blog also hosts advice from dating professionals and published authors. e Harmony's content is specifically tailored to reaching their audience on a deeper and more emotional level.

If you want to see a variety of content, check out the Zoosk blog.

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