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He opens the door for you, and asks do you have kids?How can your husband have you out here by yourself, fine as you are? He continues with his inquisitive approach to figuring you out, while he asks for your number and a date.

The conversation has changed from asking you out on a date, to informing you that he has never been sexually active with a transgender woman before.I can’t be the only trans woman this has happened too.You’re out shopping, a handsome man approaches you and starts a conversation.Over the weekend, a video surfaced online which allegedly shows the R&B singer quickly grabbing his clothes and running out of a hotel room after he refused to pay for “services” rendered.Our trans sister, whom we will not reveal her name here to protect her identity, because trans women of color are victims of murder at an epidemic rate, reported that she did not mind putting Valentino on blast because it was her bank account she respected.

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