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Lindau's local utility provider is called Stadtwerke Lindau.

Stadtwerke Lindau provides electricity, water, telecommunications, public baths, and some other services to Lindau.

Lindau is currently planning several redevelopment projects across the city.

The following is a list of projects that are planned for redevelopment.

The designation as a 'city' (German: Große Kreisstadt) was despite Lindau's rather small population of only c. In 1430, about 15 of Lindau's Jews were burned at the stake after being accused of murdering a Christian child.

In 1528, Lindau accepted the Protestant Reformation, following the Tetrapolitan Confession at first and subsequently the Augsburg Confession.

The gardens of Lindau are best in spring or summer blossom and summer is the peak tourist period.Additionally RBA and the Zweiländer-line of Austrias "Landbus Unterland" also operate from Lindau.Recently long-distance coaches have started running to distant German cities, an alternative to Deutsche Bahn trains. Main roads (German Bundesstraße) include B31 and B12.In 1655, after the Thirty Years' War, the first Lindauer Kinderfest (children's festival) was held, in memory of the war.This festival, introduced by Councillor Valentin Heider, still makes up an important part of the town's identity.

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