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Before we come to the Carbon cycle, we have to understand why Carbon is so important in the first place. So, all of us have to depend on plants for our nutrition and survival, and plants, in turn, require Carbon-dioxide along with sunlight, to make their own nutrition.

Other than these organisms, no other organisms can convert the energy obtained from the Sun into the nutrients required for their survival.

But did you know, that other than plants, algae and a few types of bacteria, no other living organism can use sunlight directly as a source of energy?

So without Carbon-dioxide, plants wouldn't make food, and we would have no direct source of energy for our own survival. So, thanks to Carbon and the compounds that it forms, we are here to understand the Carbon cycle.

“This is our Jekyll and Hyde moment,” Bunford explains.

This makes the Earth warmer, causing global warming.

That reclaimed sense of unpredictability is as easy to embrace as the simple pop pleasures of Hey Venus!

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Sometime after Radiator, Super Furry Animals began exploring a wide sonic world, eventually drifting far out into orbit with albums like Rings Around the World and Phantom Power, albums so ambitious and so packed with celeb cameos that they brought the band attention from the respectable press.

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More the Carbon in the atmosphere, more will the heat be trapped and the temperature will rise.

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