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Airbnb is always my first choice unless I can find a local deal through pipelining.If you are a first-time Airbnb user, click here for a discount.I break this section down into three parts – day game, internet game, and night game.Like I mentioned earlier, Men who follow my guidance will meet wholesome Cebuanas and avoid the pros.Cebu was one of my primary destinations during my four-month journey through the Philippines in 2014.

Meeting Cebuanas online is a great way to date the more wholesome women.

Cebu is crawling with pros due to the vast number of middle-aged sex tourists who visit the city.

Men who follow my guidance on how to meet and date Cebuanas will have the best chance of finding the sweet Cebuanas who gold diggers.

The women of Cebu possess a calm, caring nature and will go out of their way to take care of their boyfriends or husbands.

However, allow me to explain the hurdle I mentioned earlier.

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