Charlie sheen dating 2 women

September 18, 2011 Comedy Central is airing a "roast" of Charlie Sheen this week.Most would agree that there's nothing funny about serial abuse of women but Comedy Central and its advertisers apparently think otherwise.CBS would have been wise to terminate their relationship with Sheen earlier - at least at the point when Charlie Sheen admitted that he assaulted (third-degree assault) against his then-wife Brooke Mueller.

“I am filing now because I can no longer accept [Sheen’s] abusive and threatening manner and must stop him from the cycle of his abuse toward me and our children,” Richards claimed in divorce papers.

[Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen's Divorce] "If [Two and a Half Men] were to return ...

30 percent of users would like to see Sheen replaced with John Stamos.

Former "Goddess" Bree Olson appeared on Sirius XM's .

While speaking with Matt Lauer, Sheen made it clear that he told any and all partners of his diagnosis prior to engaging in sexual acts with them.

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Doing this might seem difficult in the short term but in the long run it will pay off for those companies doing the right thing.

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