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Please take the time and go to our main site, look at the performers on the main page. If you are using a HD camera such as a Logitech or better, take the steps to set up your computer for HD.On the upper right hand corner, above each performer you will see small icons. You will be given instructions to do so, once you are approved.Anything request that is of the norm, should be done in premium. Cam girl #1 is bubbly and has a fun, friendly personality.She keeps the room exciting and customers want to see more of her. The first thing we want to make sure you understand is how to protect your privacy while you’re at work. The following posts will help you stay organized and on top of your game from a business standpoint.

Using the phone does not make you a phone sex operator.Cam girl #2 wants to make money (just like cam girl #1) but she just thinks money will be thrown at her.She doesn't make an effort to keep the room interesting and she just sits there, looking bored and the only thing exciting about her room is the game you created- Every time she says "take me private", you take a drink. She will sit there, looking awkward (waiting for that private).When you pick up, you will be put on hold briefly then you will be able to communicate with the customer.Both your numbers are kept private and once they leave the chat, you will automatically be disconnected.

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