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In the 1980s, their presence grew across the local garment sector, and in the booming 1990s, workers from across China relocated to produce clothes, shoes and handbags carrying the prized "Made in Italy" label.In Prato, ads written in Chinese are found everywhere, reading: "Newly opened massage parlour, 18-year-old Chinese girls, newly arrived from China, very pretty, elegant, and well-mannered at your service."Meanwhile, Chinese women working on the streets in Prato are older. Women in this position keep an extremely low profile, wear modest attire and, in many cases, talk to potential clients while pretending to wait at bus stops or in public parks."I send money to my son when he needs it," she said. He is 25 and currently taking state exams to get a job in the public sector. There are thousands of people fighting for that one place."For the past 25 years, China has undergone radical transformation and unprecedented economic growth, said Daniele Brigadoi Cologna, a Chinese language lecturer and researcher at the Insubria University of Como."In this [struggle], people may feel that there are no clear boundaries and that everything is allowed," Brigadoi Cologna says."This pushes people to conceive their own commercialisation 360-degrees, embracing all aspects of life, starting with work.""All women and men arrive using a tourist visa for a planned long stay in the country.Chinese migrants don't enter the country via boats from the Mediterranean or from the Balkans," said Lorenzo Gestri, Prato's Public Prosecutor.But earnings are not proportional to people's efforts.Men are left with no choice but to return to China.He assaulted and raped her, then stole her belongings.

A lot of these women are speaking out against China's policy against same sex marriage beyond chat rooms.

Chinese scouts are allegedly in charge of recruiting new workers and coordinating their trip with organisers back in China."When people arrive, they lack all kinds of information, also ignoring the existence of a residency permit or their condition as [undocumented] migrants," said Federica Festagallo, a China expert with Rome-based Be Free, a social cooperative against trafficking, violence and discrimination.

"Chinese people only count on their own community when abroad.""Comparing data gathered from clients chatting on online forums with information from social workers, we noticed that in two-thirds of the cases, women in massage parlours offer what they consider minor sexual services," researcher Brigadoi Cologna said.

These trips are organised by middlemen back in China," he said.

When employers need labourers, fresh workers arrive almost immediately in Prato.

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