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If you are concerned your child is gay, I’m glad you are here.

Like Rachel, I too have winced and cringed as preachers have condemned homosexuality as if it is an unforgiveable abomination that only weird and wicked people outside of church struggled with.Ask him if it’s okay to just press “pause” for a day as you think it through.Fourth, when you do start speaking on a deeper level, begin by sharing with him how you also are broken in your own sexuality. Tell him that you’re asking them to help you both to understand this better.Promise him that you will not disown him, reject him, throw him out, or cut him off.Rather you will continue to involve him in family activities and that you’ll do everything in your power to ensure the rest of the family respond in the same way. Ask him for time to think and pray about what he’s told you, even just for a day.

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Second, Rachel seems to identify everyone who takes the view that homosexual desires are part of broken human sinfulness, and that homosexual actions are sin, as bullies. In doing so, Rachel is, unwittingly I’m sure, aiding and abetting the militant LGBT movement who want to demonize and silence all opposition to their agenda.

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