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Just as preparation for priesthood takes a team of people to guide the discernment, so too, in marriage it requires a team of people to help you to grow in your discernment, Discernment begins with the couple but also includes family, mature friends, and your pastor.

In the seminary it takes four to eight years of formation with many people involved to finally bring a man to priesthood.

That is when the couple will teach their children the power of chastity. I answer back, “What is it like to be called by God to be married. Just as every priest must learn how to pray and to share how the Lord is calling him to priesthood, so too, shouldn’t every couple be able to articulate to their family and friends how the Lord is calling them to this Sacrament of Marriage?

The greatest sadness today is that so many young people are opting out of Marriage and choose cohabitation.At his house the young man will take out the prayer written by his girlfriend and will pray this prayer before he goes to bed each night.Couples will write a prayer once they marry and then frame all of these prayers and hang the prayers in their bedroom.and I was faithful to you before I knew you.” The letter goes on to share what the person has learned about love and life and faith during that year. Once the couple is preparing for marriage, the person writing the letter will share these letters at the “right” time.I have had a growing number of people through the years who write these letters.

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If he is called to be a priest, then there will develop a restlessness and a sense that a change needs to take place in their relationship.

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