Daisy de la hoya dating dave navarro

She walks around sipping champagne from a crazy straw, which I find kind of awesome. Daisy confronts Tool Box about his breach of reality dating show etiquette.

Daisy also heads straight for Fox and makes out with him. He says that is just the way he talks, and I, for one, believe him.

I'm pretty sure what happened was this: Daisy was way into London, and he passed out drunk. Dropout was too much like "a cartoon character" to Daisy, who rather an expert on looking like a cartoon character, and Torch is too Canadian.

She couldn't kick off Weasel for passing out and then keep London, so Weasel got a free pass. Dropout, we shall miss your humble knit cap and long, lank hair.

It happens, man., who also flexed his muscles a lot...actually, there are so many similarities between the tools on "Tool Academy" and the tools on "Daisy of Love" that it gets a bit hard for me to keep them straight at times). There is a casual mixer out on the lanais, by the pool.

There's a wee dude who gets the unfortunate moniker . Daisy tries to interact with all of the guys; the guys try to interact with the free booze.

They are handed flasks to promote responsible drinking and toast Daisy.Flipper is not one to condone being out of the center of attention for more than 20 seconds, so he proceeds to climb a light stand and do a back flip into the pool, much to Daisy's horror.There is some banter between them about him getting Daisy all wet, but it is too gross for me to contemplate.Daisy De La Hoya from Rock of Love 2 left Crown Bar in Los Angeles last night with Dave Navarro (from more reality shows than you can count). First Tania Goddard, the Rhian Gittins, and of course Carmen Electra, in 2003. so he’s had practice on how to make a marriage work.

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