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Now get this, these Boobie strip club pictures aren’t new. For Keyshia Cole to be going off last night, it only leads us to believe that Bobbie is up to no good in Houston, yet again!

Now, rumor has it that just a few months ago Keyshia filed for divorce in Los Angeles but neither Keyshia nor Daniel have confirmed.

So, it’s kind of a strong emotional situation for me because I want DJ to have everything that I didn’t. That’s the reason why I ultimately made the decision of just making sure we go our separate ways.

Even though he’s done a lot of things in the marriage that were the ultimate no-no, you know what? We don’t confuse things for him, but know that he still has both parents.

Australian TV presenter Daniel Gibson is 44 years old (born July 19, 1972).

and she is putting her family front and center on the show.

He revealed that: It definitely sounds like Cole is taking the high road and trying to keep her son as the number one priority in the situation. Daily Pop, Cole explained her way of thinking when it comes to living with her ex. And all that matters is that DJ is there with him and he gets to see him.

They continue to live together through their estrangement in order to co-parent their son, Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr., whose nickname is DJ.Daniel says he would never cheat on his wife however there are rumors that he has impregnated a stripper and him being all the way in Houston patronizing their strip clubs doesn’t help his case.As if removing his tattoo and moving to Atlanta without him wasn’t enough, Keyshia is getting live and direct with these tweets!In 2014 Keyshia Cole confirmed that the couple is now separated.Gibson goes by the nickname "Booby" for unknown reasons.

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