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I can see his user account or workstation computer in it's own OU with its own GPO but I am unsure where to go from there.As long as he is not making changes to active directory the impact to the environment will be minimal.The protocols used to contact domain controllers (specifically Kerberos) are based on the computer's time.

If after performing these steps, Windows still displays the wrong time, you should make sure your computer is using the correct time zone.I think, something is broken when the laptop shut down due to overheat, as it's not taking into account of the time when it's turned-off. If it doesn't work it's probably the CMOS battery, although that's a bit odd.You can replace it, or, alternatively, use internet time instead of local time.Once at the desktop, double-click on the time that is displayed in your Windows taskbar.In Windows XP, once you click on the time, a small box will open up showing a calendar and the current time as shown in the image below.

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