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Second and third respectively were fellow Belgian Georges Van der Poele (on Windsor Squire) and France's Louis de Champsavin (on Terpsichore).In Paris, the long and high jump, traditionally contested in athletics, were transposed to the equestrian arena for the first and only time in Olympic history.Click Learn More to watch replays on ASF You Tube Channel.The 2019 Arnold Classic DVD is now available from GMV Productions, which offers Arnold DVDs dating to 2000.Equestrian sport made its first Olympic appearance in an era when horses were still very much an essential mode of transport.The competitions took place over three days in the arena at Place de Breteuil, in the very heart of the French capital.

The winners each received either an artwork or a cash prize of between 4,000 and 6,000 francs.

A world record at the time, it remains an Olympic record.

It has been beaten just the once, at the 1991 IAAF World Championships in Tokyo, when the USA's Mike Powell edged a legendary duel with his compatriot Carl Lewis with a leap of 8.95m.

By the start of the 20th century, long jumpers were regularly going out over 7m, though that was nothing compared to the 8.13m that the great Jesse Owens jumped in 1935, setting a world record that would stand for 25 years.

The most memorable long jump of them all, however, would come at Mexico City 1968, when Bob Beamon of the USA produced a magical leap of 8.90m.

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