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It’s a fact that relationships are often a little less permanent than once they were.People fall in and out of relationships more frequently and with more ease.A simple and chaste diamond ring or a necklace of dazzling white pearls would be perfect.A swanky silver chain with a heart-shaped red pendant would also do.Since it is your sixth anniversary, get six bouquets for her from a florist.Each bouquet will contain a bundle of different flowers. The idea of making a scrapbook for your sweetheart is indeed very romantic. Procure decorative materials, like colorful ribbons, glitters, frames, and decorative pieces.Your girlfriend might be a music lover or a movie buff, so stack up inside the basket a medley of songs and her favorite movies as well.You can also fill the basket with books that she is fond of. If you can spend some extra dollars on the gift, then a ring or a chain will be a permanent gift for her.

These were some of the common things that women are generally fond of.

'Would she love the dress', 'will she like the color,' 'how about gifting a purse' 'a pair of sandal is not a bad idea', and many more. Won't you like to do something that will surprise her the most?

Presents for girlfriends on 6th month anniversary should be something fresh and immemorial.

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