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I quit smoking for good after dating round two, and swore I’d never touch one again if I wanted a meaningful relationship. I find the smell of smoke and smokers to be very off putting; therefore, I would find it difficult to see a successful relationship with someone who smokes.

Collecting vintage cigarette packets is a guilt-free way to enjoy the smoking culture of the twentieth century.This one sticks with me and there are so many moments I'm thankful I'm not a slave to those cravings anymore.female here. he smokes a pack a day, at least) because my family doesn’t like the smell of it.he gets so annoyed at me and starts acting like a baby when he can’t smoke whenever he wants. and when i ask him to wash up after he smokes, he gets annoyed.Pictured right above, is a collection of cigarette packets from the 20s and 30s.On the top row are two of the most popular cigarette brands of all time: Player's Medium (or Player's Navy) and Wills Wild Woodbine.

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