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Reciprocal obligations ranged from help from the godparent in finding employment to the requirement of loyalty in voting on the part of the godchild.Relations between husbands and wives in Uruguay were relatively equal by Latin American standards.When babies were baptized, they often were given a godfather (, was intended to provide the children with useful connections in later life.

The pattern of machismo was less pronounced than in much of Latin America, but males were expected to show "masculine" traits; "feminine" characteristics were seen as inferior.Although abortion was illegal, there was no legal distinction between children born in and out of wedlock.In rural areas, the maintenance of symbolic kinship ties remained common.In rural areas, however, there was an imbalance in the sex ratio because women had a much higher propensity to migrate to the towns in search of work, particularly as domestic servants.Poor families in rural areas were often unstable; common-law marriage and illegitimacy were widespread.

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