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You’ll have access to a SOLUS account once you become a Queen’s student.You’ll use SOLUS to register for courses, add and drop courses, update your contact information, view financial and academic information, and pay your Q is Queen's online learning platform. All materials related to your course—notes, readings, videos, recordings, discussion forums, assignments, quizzes, groupwork, tutorials, and help—will be on the on Q site. A typical one-term course is worth 3.0 units, and a typical two-term course is worth 6.0 units. A general (three-year) BA or BSc requires a total of 90 credit units.The well-optimized Differential Equations solvers benchmark as the fastest Julia implementations, using classic algorithms and ones from recent research, and include algorithms optimized for high-precision and HPC applications.

Students from other institutions pursuing engineering or science programs should check with their home institution regarding the suitability of this course towards their degree programs.

Coverage in the journal includes: - Minimization problems for variational integrals, existence and regularity theory for minimizers and critical points, geometric measure theory - Variational methods for partial differential equations, linear and nonlinear eigenvalue problems, bifurcation theory - Variational problems in differential and complex geometry - Variational methods in global analysis and topology - Dynamical systems, symplectic geometry, periodic solutions of Hamiltonian systems - Variational methods in mathematical physics, nonlinear elasticity, crystals, asymptotic variational problems, homogenization, capillarity phenomena, free boundary problems and phase transitions - Monge-Ampère equations and other fully nonlinear partial differential equations related to problems in differential geometry, complex geometry, and physics.

The main purpose of this Workshop-Summer School is to build an opportunity to share recent results, ideas and projects related to the theory of Partial Differential Equations (PDE), with particular emphasis on issues related with its numerical approximation, the optimal design and control.

Introduction to ordinary differential equations and their applications to the natural and engineering sciences.

Specific topics include first order differential equations, linear differential equations with constant coefficients, Laplace transforms, and systems of linear equations.

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The Workshop will be developed, in the spirit of the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual in an international atmosphere, giving the opportunity to alternate and combine seminars with informal discussions, and joint work activities in its premises.

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