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This study focuses on niche dating sites for older adults, one of the fastest growing niches in online dating.Through a qualitative content analysis and close reading of older-adult dating sites, I seek to determine how and to what extent online dating sites that target older adults actually customize their services to benefit this population.In her classes, Williams reviews the differences among dating sites, such as explaining that some use swipes for matches, while others use quizzes.(While there is no one-size-fits-all site or app, the seniors she works with tend to use Our Time if they are paying, and Bumble, Ok Cupid or Plentyof Fish if they want to use a free site.) Sticking with one to three sites is best, as any more can feel overwhelming to manage, said the experts AARP interviewed.And while niche sites that cater to specific religions, interests and even food preferences can be enticing (like vegetarian-focused Veggie, experts say to always pair searching on those platforms with one that has broader appeal. Don’t disclose personal information, such as your home address, when first getting to know someone, and never share banking information or transfer money.“The pool on those niche sites is always smaller,” says Hoffman. Terms such as “poly” (for polyamory or consensual non-monogamy) or “fwb” (for friend with benefits) can indicate the type of relationships people seek. Carla Vande Weerd, a University of South Florida professor and coauthor of a report that explored the online dating experiences of women 50 and older, recommends doing a video chat before meeting someone in person.

Most people are already texting and checking social media on their phones, so “there’s no reason not to use an app to find love,” she says.AARP also provides advice on how to avoid romance scams. You have to seed yourself with that long-term optimism.You might meet someone in 10 days or it might take 500 …“Anything big in life is going to require a plan and strategy, education and a lot of work,” says Bela Gandhi, founder of the Smart Dating Academy coaching service.Yet, “when you learn how to online date the right way, it’s like a superpower.” And now’s an ideal time to start.

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Niche dating sites have become a popular trend in the online dating industry; yet, little is known about the specialization strategies these sites use to cater to their users’ needs.

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