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Or would you rather spend half an hour cracking up to Jimmy Carr jokes?

Yes, bodily humour does essentially mean that you find fart jokes funny. It may be one of the most immature types of humour, but toilet humour often also has universal appeal – just look at the success of that bathroom scene in ! While still funny, there are often depressing or unusual undertones that make this type of comedy a little unsettling as well as entertaining.Each time you laugh with your partner, your relationship gets a little bit stronger. Humor helps us cope with difficult and challenging situations in our life, so that makes anything that happens to us open to humorous interpretation.Laughter can get you through the bad patches in a relationship, it can make you feel even more comfortable with each other, and help you to not take yourself too seriously. Your fear of gummy spiders is fair game for comedy.These darker themes make it one of the least accessible types of humour but those that do get it, love it.It's National Humor Month, so it's the perfect time to remind you why funny women are sexy.

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If women can find men with a sense of humor appealing and sexy, why can't the reverse be true with the female in the relationship being the funny one?

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