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Also they do not have near the personal relationships with there students as do high school teachers.

School is not necessarily pointless as a lot of people need it in life; but a lot of kids believe it is pointless because to them it is confusing and they believe that when you get older you will never use it, which is not entirely true. If it is a kid's point of view, they'll say it is pointless since they don't understand the…

It always helps with learning how to judge the opposite sex and finding the right person when it comes to marriage. For example, they might feel like its pointless to stay in school (of course its NOT pointless) Anacostia High School Bell High School Coolidge High School Dunbar High School Eastern Senior High School Spingarn High School M. Washington High School Wilson High School Woodson High School Just to name a few.

BUT make sure you keep your priorities straight, a relationship should never come before your education. Alta High School, Valley High School, Skyline High School, East High School, West High School, Olympus High School, Woods Cross High School, Snow Canyon High School, Juan Diego Catholic High School, West Jordan High School, Highland High School... in High school onward It depends on how long that person loves you and how long they want to be together.

yeah so 5% of high school relationships actually work out.

It really depends on the people though, some people that are sweethearts have a strong lasting relationship while other sweethearts don't. As young kids we believe that once you get to high school dating becomes a whole new game filled with late night adventures and cute text messages.But what they don't tell you is that dating in high school is completely pointless.Now, I’m not saying that I don’t believe in high school sweat hearts, because my parents were high school sweet hearts and they have been happily married for over twenty years.What I am saying is because of these seven reasons, dating in high school rarely leads to such commitment.

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* Unless you have seen your high school sweetheart cheat then don't listen to gossip and communicate with him/her and get to the root of the problem if there is one. They do it because, either they got expelled or they don't have enough money to go to school.

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