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By ‘dog person’ I don’t mean the fetishized fur-obsessed person who dresses like a dog every day and sits on the outskirts of society, woofing at people.No judgement, but this is not my area of expertise. Coinciding with e Harmony’s new ‘competibility’ TV ad, I’d like to lift the lid on the wonderful and lesser known benefits of dating a dog person. (Not to mention, a best friend that you can accuse of eating your homework and will definitely never sell you out.) 9. Because you’re a lazy, irresponsible, forgetful piece of sh*t. …when you leave for college in the fall: your boyfriend or his dogs. You’ll miss your boyfriend loads but they’ll come in a close second.

OK, let’s get something straight, right off the bat.

#awkwarddating When I refer to ‘dog people’ here, I’m talking about dog lovers. I’ve spoken with many singles about the pros and cons of dating dog people (See previous blog post ‘Must Love Dogs’) and I must say, the positives far outweigh the complaints.

Most negative points about dog owners seem to be superficial and ultimately quite trivial, such as ‘If I sit on her couch I’ll get fluff on my jeans’ or ‘I’m not a dog person, what if his dog doesn’t like me?

Start scanning the profiles of your matches for dog pics – I have no doubt a pleasant surprise awaits you.

Justin and I had just gone on our third date, and he’d invited me over to his place to hang out for a little bit longer.

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