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However, in case you have been buried under a rock or have been living on a deserted island without access to modern technology and news channels, 2016 is not only a presidential election year, but it is also shaping up to be one of the outrageous and controversial election years of all time.

This is due, in large part to Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, who has plenty of provocative things to say about just about thing in his path, and Hilary Clinton, who has also experienced her share of controversy.

Best you know now before you are married or better yet, have kids. In the end, as hard as this can be, it’s best not to waste so much time with the unknown.

Religion is an important part of many people’s lives and it should be something you discuss with your partner at some point.

It needs to be a decision you want and are willing to make. The questions should help you both to see where you stand in the relationship.

If this exercise causes friction between you both, you’ll know where you stand in the relationship. Because it’s less of a headache and less of a problem and because they do not want to deal with their family’s disapproval of their significant other not being the same religion.

Some couples do not talk about religion, thinking it wouldn’t be an issue or they just do not feel like “getting into it.” Well, sometimes it’s best to “get into it” before you get in over your head and it’s too late.

In the past, I have dated people that are Jewish like me and some that do not have the same religion.

It’s almost impossible NOT to talk about politics when it’s splashed all over TV, newspapers and your Facebook or Twitter feeds every single day.Those issues are less relevant as we age and families are grown.There are a few simple ways to keep political debates fun, productive, and engaging are to have some ground rules, especially if the discussions tend to get heated every time politics become a part of your conversation: 1.You think in the beginning when you both have strong feelings for each other everything is fine and well and it would never be an issue.But, it certainly does become a major issue if one of you is more religious in their religion.

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