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However, if there are unnecessary gifts located around the house or in a trunk for keepsake, then there's honestly a problem there. Bad thing you did because you may just find what you've assumed all along.Have you recently gone creeping through his social media accounts to see whom he is tweeting or Facebook stalking? If he creeps on her Facebook page or Instagram, he may just be OBSESSED.Most women think that because a man trashes a woman, it means that they despise her.But truth-be-told, it could really mean that he has yet to resolve any issues that he has with her.Then, when you ask to wear it to bed, he gets super protective and makes you take it off because it was a gift from his ex.Well, he may just be holding on to it as a reminder that she still means a lot to him.From personal experience, it can be hard for a person to heal from a past love that had such a profound impact on their life and heart.

Also, any messages or tweets revealing any signs of flirting shouldn't be taken lightly.

If he ever runs into an "I remember moment," then that should definitely make you feel uncomfortable.

Additionally, any other conversations of him slightly recalling little things about her are unacceptable.

Getting into a new relationship with a new guy is full of uncertainty – especially if he is still in love with his ex.

However, this situation can happen to anyone, in any type of relationship, no matter how many anniversaries celebrated.

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However, it's not just any type of communication, but one that is quite friendly.

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