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Check out some of the five most valuable sought after sterling silver flatware patterns. Overall, it took Warren four years to develop and perfect this pattern and he did so with the mission of the design “to reflect the very essence of merriment and adventure, of artistic progress.” When Warren originally began designing the pattern, the intent was that it was only meant to be a flatware pattern but then, later on hollow ware was added to the collection line.

The Grande Baroque sterling silver flatware is a pattern that is produced by Wallace Silversmiths. Then, once demand for the Grand Baroque pattern increased, a Golden Grande Baroque was introduced.

The interlocking ''C'' motif also turns up on the china, looking somewhat like the Greek key design.

The founder of Cartier was Louis Cartier (1819-1904), who began his career as an apprentice to jeweler Adolphe Picard in Paris.

We wanted to give the consumers something special, and the decoration makes it so.

All the patterns will have gold on them.''Not only will you acquire gold and elegance with these collections, you will have the satisfaction of owning something produced by venerable companies.

Even if you never own a piece of Cartier jewelry, however, you probably have something on your person that Louis Cartier, the founder, invented. The strapping of a timepiece to the wrist was Cartier`s solution to the problem posed by the aviator: how to readily keep track of time while at the controls of his airship without having to fumble for his pocketwatch.

Sterling silver dinnerware has a prestigious history, and sterling silver flatware is crucial to an antique sterling silver set.

There were about 300 millionaires living in New York alone. Although Cartier has launched a line of tableware, the name will always be synonymous with fine jewelry. In 1904, Cartier designed the first wristwatch at the request of Brazilian pioneer aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont.

Eventually, his three sons--Louis, Pierre and Jacques--joined the business.

Their clients included King Edward VII of England, Baroness Edmond de Rothschild, the Aga Kahn, the queen of Spain and the Grand Duchess Vladimir of Russia. William Astor were constantly seeking ways in which to outdo one another with their opulence.

Flatware usually refers to the utensils used in a dining set.

This includes spoons, forks, knives, and serving pieces.

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There is also La Maison de Prince, de Belle Epoque, etc.

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