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On the other hand, a minority of Blues players, and many Rock players, use a conventional flatpick.

Tut Taylor is one of the few Dobro players that use a flatpick.

The steel guitar, when played in Hawaiian, country, bluegrass, or western swing styles, is almost always plucked using a plastic thumbpick affixed to the right hand's thumb, and metal or plastic "fingerpicks" fitted to the first, second, third, or even all four fingers of the right hand.

Joe Perry of Aerosmith uses open E on his electric lap steel.

David Lindley is another player who uses transposed variations of these tunings.

The bar placed against the strings is called a "steel" or "tone bar".

There are three types of lap steel guitars: A lap steel guitar's strings are raised at both the nut and bridge ends of the fingerboard, typically to about half an inch.

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