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“It’s not this rigid set of steps that really defines what a scientist does.” Rhodes likes to focus on how scientists work in the real world rather than concentrating on the steps of the scientific method. “It’s not actually giving kids a real authentic picture of what science is because it’s too overly simplified.”Science’s Hess said there was a way that children could fulfill science fair requirements without doing a model or using the scientific method.

Students could use the Engineering Design Process, which is similar to the scientific method but instead students start out with a problem and find ways to solve it.

Science founder and CEO, Kenneth Hess, believes elementary school students would especially need a lot of support.

“They are going to have extraordinarily limited experiences doing anything hands-on.

Perhaps Lego Education might be able to assist.”If the largest association of science teachers feels that clarifying expectations about the science fair, especially with regards to science toys and the scientific method was “out of their scope,” how could we expect parents to know how to help their kids?

Many families appear to be seeking solutions online.

The two men created Science Services as a nonprofit news service in 1921 with a goal of keeping the public informed of the latest advancements in science.

Later, Science Services collaborated with Westinghouse in 1942 to establish The Science Talent Search for high school students, a competition intended to encourage students to pursue a career in science or engineering.

However, she knew that just having good art supplies, a color printer, and high speed internet already put her child at an unfair advantage.I spoke to one mother of a 3rd grader in a New York City public school, Marylynn Miller, who called the process, “agonizing.” Her child’s experience was clearly not supported in the optimal way that Hess suggested.She thought that her child was supposed to be submitting parts of the project periodically but he wasn’t.I contacted the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), the nation’s largest organization of science teachers with 55,000 members in over 100 countries, to clarify the confusion about strictly using the scientific method for science fair projects and whether toys can be used.An NSTA spokesperson replied to Quartz, “Unfortunately, I think this might be a little out of our scope.

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“To expect that to be an intuitive thinking process is absurd! Another science teacher at Rollins Place Elementary in Louisiana, Breigh Rhodes, was critical of how the scientific method is being taught today.

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