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Rather than getting frustrated with the server, those special people tend to wait more patiently and are more understanding.

I'm sure they've seen their significant other drowning at work, too. I get it, to some people, bartending and serving looks like a breeze. But just like any other career, we work hard to make each and every customer happy. For the strangers that bash people in the service industry and think it's a cake walk, it's not.

You’ve got their profile, you can find their lives on social media, or even find out weird facts with just a basic Google search.Or maybe everyone expects it, so it just becomes this self-fulfilling prophecy.I think it’s a combination of everyone feels new here, feels like the new kid, so the “freeze” somehow it manifests itself in a way that they don’t want to get to know you, but they also don’t want to be rude.And truthfully, if you’re a bartender and you can’t get a date, you might be doing something wrong. My girlfriend and I met in the industry (she’s also part owner and bartender at Triangle Spirits) so for our date nights, we usually just get a pizza and sit on the couch. It’s not pretentious but quirky enough that it looks like you know what you’re doing. That place in general has a good atmosphere and good food.But that being said, we really like Oliver’s Twist in Greenwood. It’s also loud enough that you’re not going to be able to hear what’s happening down the way, but quiet enough that you can have a good conversation.

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