Dating someone who is currently separated

Men really love to use you as a sexual band-aid during the divorce process, and if there was any infidelity on the wife's part even more so.

I had to learn this lesson the hard way, and I suspect the OP will have to learn this the hard way too.

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Once divorce was apparent, I joined a divorce support group.

You are probably just looking for answers that you WANT to hear (probably along the lines of "Well you should date him and see what happens") instead of advice along the lines of what would be right to do. The other thing is to trust a POS that would look elsewhere when he is still married.

So, yeah, you could be risking having someone come after you with knife or gun but you are going to do it anyway. has he filed for divorce, has he moved out, does he have children and if so is custody worked out, lastly yes I would want to make sure the ex isn't likely to get violent. OP, lets say you and your husband are having a tough time, what would you think of some tramp that was try'n to make matters worse? You two just might be right for each other, you both have no respect for others.

Its just my own personal code of ethics and conduct that drive me. Doesnt matter if they are separated, going through a divorce, on vacation, have a "hall pass", etc.

Being married means they are off the market and not dateable.

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The first is that word “currently.” It implies the schism isn’t permanent, that my wife and I could go back to each other, ruining any other relationship I had begun, ending a heaven made in Match. According to several studies, only 10–20% of married couples have reconciled after splitting up.)I admit it is annoying to lose a boyfriend or girlfriend to someone else, but that someone doesn’t have to be an estranged spouse. If the rival has something you lack, something your partner craves, that partner may choose the rival. I would say less likely, in fact, because of the agony between the two of them. Credit the battles during the separation for this later rapprochement. You know, aren’t always Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm when a marriage collapses. I repeat: I have no problem dating a woman who is CS.

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