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Wade Ulster also produced a shamrock pottery series.This was a small series including an Irish comical pig or a pink comical elephant.0 ORIGINAL SPOON MOLD #2 Bronze mold for casting pewter spoons in the Hannover pattern.Mold measures 7 3/4 inches long and makes a spoon that is approx. Appears to have had a replacement alignment pin added at some time.Mold is in excellent condition with extremely good fit between the mold halves and .

There was a pixie dish, a donkey and a cart posy bowl.

The company gave the pottery its own backstamp to differentiate it from Wade England, whose mark was an owl on the back of a hand.

Wade Ireland was stamped 'Irish Porcelain Made in Ireland' with a picture of a shamrock.

In 1966 Wade Ulster changed its name to Wade Ireland Ltd.

In 1971 they produced their Mourne range which was a limited collection of fifteen pieces of household ware.

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