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See more → Playing Cards were first introduced in around 1922.The first registered trade name was 'Twillese' in 1922, followed by 'Empire', 'Encore', 'Chevalier', and 'Ambassador' during 1923.In 1924 they were accused of plagiarising De la Rue’s Ace of Spades, but the court case ended in Waddington's favour with photographic enlargements revealing many differences.Above: an anonymous Ace of Spades with an elaborate design used by John Waddington Ltd, c.1925.See more → During the early 1930s Waddington’s were involved in the Wills gift scheme, where miniature cards were tucked into every packet of ten Goldflake or Capstan cigarettes which could be exchanged for full-sized packs. In the early days Waddington’s had a few playing card games such as Shop Missus, Grandfather's Whiskers, Bobs Y'r Uncle and Strip Tease.

Playing cards had become more popular during World War I and there was now a great demand. During 1926-27 a new factory was built for the manufacture of standard one colour back playing cards.

The cards have gold edges and depict a hunting scene on the reverse. Above: Orient Line to Australia twin patience set with special ace of spades, issued to passengers on the Orient Line mail steamers travelling from England to Australia, c.1925.

See more early cards → At the time circumstances were favourable in that in 1922 Charles Goodall & Co. Tilney, Lucy Dawson, Harry Rountree, Tony Gibbons, Paul Brown, Rowlandson, G. Waddington’s began their 'Beautiful Britain' series depicting scenes of seaside, rural and historic resorts in 1924.

No cards on display, visits are by appointment only. A small but fine collection of 19th century playing-cards from Austrian makers.

This collection is documented in the exhibition catalogue: Dornik-Eger, Hanna "Spielkarten und Kartenspiele", Wien 1973, (see bibliography section). Pachinger who collected local cards (from Upper Austria) during the second half of the 19th century.

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