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If you’re experiencing abuse or are in an unhealthy relationship, creating a safety plan can be very helpful. And remember, you can always contact us if you need help creating your own safety plan.

Physically getting hurt by your partner is not at all a part of dating.Act upon getting forced, abused and move on Dating doesn’t mean you are selling yourself Don’t get influenced by gifts, look at your scars Don’t ignore emotional abuse while dating Verbal abuse is the beginning of dating abuse In a date Not paying bills doesn’t mean, you owe sex to your mate Its a relationship not a fight, control and dominance is unacceptable, act now.Be a mate while dating not a teacher, who keeps a check on me at school You date your mate not to get dispoliate You must be careful and strongly face any unexpected situation.And you know what that means: overpacked schedules of ALL the summer things, mixed in with a few good sunburns, and a lot of realization that time really does fly when you’re having fun.Continue reading“Not every new mother’s journey is happy and bright.

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You might face dating abuse on your first date It is your right and responsibility towards yourself and society to raise you voice against dating abuse.

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