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The Nerds dominated the tournament throughout, routing the thirty-three other schools in every round.

Rank was determined by taking the highest score of the three rounds, and The Nerds’ high score was 347, far outpacing the second-place “Brooker-bots” from Stony Brook, who had a high score of 231.

He would ask strangers on the street if they would model for him and let him make polystyrene cast and photograph every inch of their bodies.

He would then cut the photographs into tiny pieces and affix them onto the cast resembling the real person.

The Lego League Tournament starts in September, when FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) announces the theme of the challenge for the year.

This year’s challenge was to apply the science of nanotechnology to everyday life in a creative manner.

Or they have certain things they want to say but they fear that it will come out of their mouths wrong.

People who do not speak English or proper Hindi definitely like to have some fun as well, and everything is a lot easier when you can talk about whatever you like, in your own language.

This will greatly contribute to the amount of satisfaction a conversation may give you..

Teams won awards for excellent teamwork and for “rising stars” in the Lego League.

You can be whoever you want, whenever you want, and whatever you want.

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