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Do you wonder why the women you want the most constantly elude you?Have you been hearing "let's just be friends" from women time and time again...without finding any real explanation as to why attraction isn't happening?

As a direct result of the confusion, however, many of us as men are left scrambling to find authentic heroes--real men as role models who can stand in the face of very real challenges to masculinity and light the path.

Do you find that women tell you what they desire in a man, but end up rejecting you anyway..after you do exactly what they apparently want from you?

Are you ending up dating woman after woman you never really chose?

Sound like it's going to be just a bit too much to wrap your head around? And sadly, they shrug their shoulders and never even try to find the answers. Not just how to meet a lot of women, but how to go from being GOOD with women to being AMAZING with women.

If you're already good with women, listening to what my friend has to say JUST ONCE will improve your game significantly." --David De Angelo (Double Your Dating)So here's where the story starts.

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In fact, allow me to confirm something you probably already suspect.

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