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What IS true in this situation though is: if you’re going to choose to date someone you need to be aware of the consequences of that action.If you date someone you work with and it doesn’t work out, you need to be aware and prepared for the fact that you’re going to have to continue working near that person, with that person, and/or seeing that person often even when it might be uncomfortable, awkward, or even painful.

According to Career Builder, 38 percent of people say they have dated a co-worker during their working lives.Lay super low with this new co-worker crush friendship.Work is not the place to be stealing kisses or hooking up in conference rooms.It’s unprofessional, and it blurs boundaries.’However, I’ve also read some people say that these days it makes total sense to date coworkers.They’ve said ‘where else are you going to meet people?

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