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You see, Petsch isn't shy about her relationship at all.While many other celebrities seem to go out of their way to make their relationships as private and under the radar as possible (which, I mean, that's their prerogative, of course), Petsch is totally open about hers.She continued: I feel like I see so much online of people being cynical about never being able to find love and it’s become, like, cool. You can live without it, and you can totally be self-independent and happy.But you can also be in a great relationship that’s rewarding and loving and caring—and that exists. I was fully single and didn’t talk to anybody," she told in love, and according to Petsch, he's introduced her to a whole new world of love, essentially. We are extremely supportive of each other’s careers.

She even accuses her husband of suggesting the hip-hop singer be the godmother of their unborn child.“Liar… Introducing me to her & asking me if SHE could be our daughter’s god mother!

She is the daughter of Sandra “Pepa” Denton from Salt-N-Pepa and rap icon Treach from Naughty By Nature.

(We TV/AMC Networks) , but it appears that rapper Lil Twist has plans to make a move on Egypt.

I have a feeling many of us can relate to the sort of cynicism she's talking about. "He’s taught me how to be selfless and how to love, because I never knew I could love like that.

You know that feeling where you've been ghosted for what feels like the 13th time in a row, and you haven't been with anyone since your ex who wasn't even ever really your partner?

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