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Based on the amount of attention he gets from women, both his age and much older, homeboy’s gonna, like, get it.Yet for someone whose career is largely built on an image of a person who doesn’t give a fuck, who’s never sober, and who at a very raw age has all the money in the world and none of the responsibilities of it, he’s surprisingly static in real life.He shows me a video of him and Reid in bed together, where she’s naked but mostly obscured by Pump’s foot, which is adorned with a few of his diamond rings, and has a joint wedged between his toes.She takes a few hits, and then sucks on his big toe. “I used to think that shit was gay, but then I was like, wait.”You likely know a Lil Pump song even if you can’t name it.

Pump, though technically a legal adult, still seems like a child among a gaggle of grown-up handlers: a manager; a publicist; a producer, two “friends” who are much, much older than him; two beefy bodyguards who carry that Louis Vuitton backpack filled with everything precious to him (his jewelry and weed); and an adorable, clumsy white puppy named “Esskeetit,” Pump’s tagline that, roughly translated, means “Let’s get it.” (The dog does not appear to respond to his near-unpronounceable name.)His team seemingly does everything for him, including reminding him to eat.

He hams it up for the camera while taking a big bite and the video is posted for his 17.9 million followers moments later.

Pump’s first self-titled album was released in 2017, and included the super-viral, 889 million You Tube views and counting (yes, you read that number right), SNL-mocked, Billboard Hot 100 song “Gucci Gang,” which cemented Pump as a rapper who loves drugs and luxury clothes and hates school and was still young enough to wear braces.

Pump, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, was born to Colombian parents; his mother, along with his half brother, are still in Miami, Florida, where Pump was born and raised. Pump, meanwhile, was kicked out of school in 10th grade (the last in a string of expulsions) for starting a riot with his friend. Pump’s music isn’t necessarily as compelling as his image, but his songs are verifiable bops. People just hate ’cause I got what they want.” In early 2018, Pump was arrested for firing a gun in his home, reportedly because three men were trying to break into his house.

(His birth year is 2000, by the way, a fact that you would be right to be stressed about.) He doesn’t divulge much about his family. They’re all about being rich and young and dumb and high — in “Be Like Me,” he raps, “I’m a millionaire, but I don’t know how to read,” which is objectively hilarious. Now, he becomes borderline angry when someone leaves the front door of the Airbnb open, even for a few minutes, and always demands that it be locked, nervous that at any time someone could just walk in.

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